Deliver an Extraordinary Online Experience with Goody Guru and Media Copy

Our Goody Guru packages are everything an attendee or exhibitor needs to enhance their virtual experience.

Goody Guru is a powerhouse of tangible resources. We are wizards who believe an online event should not be good, it should be great!

The Gurus know that in a virtual setting the human connection, spontaneous interaction, and shared experiences are equally important as when an event is in-person. 
Our packages enable your participants to experience the same feelings of excitement, engagement, and interactivity that happen when traditional in-person events are successful.

Let’s put our heads together to make sure we reach the goals of your next online event.

We have included everything from but not limited to: customizable branded apparel to wear on screen, team building/game scoreboards, promotional materials, educational collateral, and the favorite food and happy hour vouchers!

Fundraiser falling flat?

Deliver real raffle tickets, a live auction paddle, and dinner straight to your supporters’ door, so that your participants feel that the money they spent to attend the online event is worthwhile and memorable.

Stale sales meetings?

Boost your company morale and give your attendees something to talk about in addition to the meetings/program content. The Guru’s will create brackets and form teams for some friendly virtual video gaming amongst peers. Engagement happens when scoreboards and branded team T-shirts are delivered to encourage team spirit!

Pipeline need some Power?

Host an intimate networking event showing a short video touring a chocolate factory all while your guests simultaneously taste chocolates and enjoy wine together! Need some extra special one-on-one time to close a deal? Send your story packaged perfectly including the story’s final chapter ending with your virtual sales call.

The Guru’s Got it!

The situation has changed. The relationship is the same.

We customize welcome, engagement, and post meeting packages for all types of gatherings.
Get real offline excitement out of your next online event.

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