Sending Direct Mail For More Direct Business

2020 has provided a lot of uncertainties for both individuals and businesses. We’ve all had to make adjustments to our lifestyle and businesses. Small to medium-sized businesses are definitely feeling the effects caused by the “new normal” but one of the most important things in running a business remains true: reaching out to your customers.

Direct mail can be very effective and in a study done by the Go Inspire Group, it was found that sending direct mail can increase a customer’s spending by up to five times! Not only will direct mail help a customer make an informed buying decision but direct mail stands out. Most businesses turn to social media and emails to gain new customers, but using these mediums makes it tough to capture someone’s attention.  This is where direct mail makes its impact: most consumers only receive a few pieces of personal mail each day. With less clutter and noise in their actual inbox compared to their virtual inboxes, they are much more likely to look through a brochure or postcard!

Let’s say you’re an online retailer, breaking through the noise online will definitely be tough, but sending out business cards and brochures in the mail will help spread your contact information and showcase your products. Not only will direct mail receive more attention, it will also be shared around the household. RetailWire reports that up to 88% of key purchases are discussed at home and sending direct mailers is a great way to get the discussion going!

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