Generating Leads Through Interactive Print Marketing

What’s an easy way to make your print advertising much more engaging? Print marketing is a viable source for generating leads, reaching a new audience, and creating trackable and fun ways for consumers to engage with advertisements. Businesses and marketers have the ability to use QR code technology to give consumers the option to engage with advertisements. Whether the code takes them to a video, displays a menu, or provides an event registration form – QR codes are becoming a popular fixture in print marketing. 

While a QR code may have seemed far-fetched a few years ago, they will start to appear much more frequently, especially in our current society where people are more health-conscious and reserved with their interactions due to Covid-19. As stated in Beaconstac, “The United States alone has over 1 million restaurants, 52% of them have already switched to QR code menus and other industries are catching up”. QR codes give consumers the ability to interact with print simply by holding their camera over an ad or a menu. Although QR codes are present in many print ads, marketers have to ensure their messaging is actionable.

There are many great examples of this form of advertising being used whether it’s a moving company offering a discount through a QR code, a company offering the chance to participate in a contest, or a clothing store offering an exclusive look at new merchandise. Another great example is Chick-fil-A which boosted its app download by 14% after using QR codes in its digital signage in 2019. Using a QR code in your print advertising will allow your company to track customer engagement, generate leads, and collect important information to utilize while running your business.

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