Poster Up Like Apple For Low Cost, High Impact Marketing

While 2020 has given businesses a sense of uncertainty, advertising remains an effective way to draw in new business. It’s very important for small to medium-size businesses to use every asset they have at their disposal and as creatively as possible to get the best return on their investment. One of the best low-cost forms of advertising is through outdoor guerrilla marketing and wild postering campaigns.

Why are wild postering and guerrilla marketing a good idea for small businesses? It’s very cost-effective when compared to advertising methods such as television, radio, and traditional print advertising. Printing posters are a fraction of the price and can still receive similar amounts of attention in places with a lot of foot traffic. While the posters may be inexpensive to print finding the right location to place them is where the hard work comes in. A mix of great design, high-quality materials, and a great location will make for a very successful print campaign.

Good examples of this style of marketing can usually be found in bigger cities, one such example is from Apple. In 2003 Steve Jobs and his brilliant marketing team rolled out the iconic Silhouette, as an analyst from AdWizard said, “Apple’s ad agency allowed the target audience to put itself in their ads. The silhouetted image is literally a blank canvas that anyone can be placed in.”

While this ad was done before the age of social media, conducting a postering campaign today can help set your brand apart from all the noise online. Not only will a great print campaign generate good buzz through word of mouth, it allows for brands to show off their creativity and stand out from their competitors.

Apple is a large company, but small businesses can learn a lot from their successful silhouette postering campaign as they start to bring their own products to life through wild postering for their target market. Making sure your ad is creative, interactive, and well thought out will help separate your business or product from the competition and wild postings are one of the most effective ways to boost awareness!

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