Make Your Business Stand Out With Outdoor Signage

As things in the area begin to reopen, it is important  to notify customers that your store is open for business. Businesses across the country have resulted in using unique and eye-catching outdoor signage to attract customers and give them helpful information about their business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Decicco & Sons, a grocery store chain located primarily in New York, has used outdoor signage to inform customers that yes, they are open, but there are some guidelines they must follow. Outside their store, were a few large outdoor standing signs with visuals depicting customers 6 feet apart, and informing them that the store is operating on a limited capacity. As many grocery shoppers now have to wait in a line outside the store before entering, signs like these are helpful to answer any questions customers may have and help guide their shopping process.


Crab Trap, a seafood restaurant located in Destin Fl, has also used outdoor signage to effectively communicate to customers their safety guidelines. With standing outdoor signs, they detailed some of the safety practices they are taking up. With helpful visuals, they explained that menus are now digital and showed a code to scan. They also described sanitary and social distance rules. These signs help customers more easily access the online menu and promote sanitary practices before they even enter the restaurant. 

Outdoor signage like the kinds seen in these New York grocery stores and the Florida restaurant scene can help ease the mind of the customer while promoting the safety of your employees and customers. They can help minimize questions, communicate that you’re open and help keep order inside your business. At Media Copy, we can help create unique signs that stand out that you can put in heavy-traffic areas to attract new customers or inform them of your safety practices.

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